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R.A. Farlow was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Her love of mysteries and forensic science led her to the University of Tennessee, where she got a Master’s degree in forensic anthropology and worked at the world-famous Body Farm. Rebecca ran a small business teaching forensic science for several years, and dreaming up classroom crime scene scenarios led to writing mysteries. After a seven-year stint in Los Angeles, she's back in North Carolina, where you can find her at a coffee shop working on the next Gumshoe Squad mystery.

You can reach R.A. Farlow at info@rafarlow.com.
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Okay, here's a little bit more...

Writing a biography is like going on a first date. You’re nervous, you’re not sure what or how much to share, you worry about rambling on and on… right. I’m already doing it. My last first date was almost fourteen years ago, so I’m a bit rusty. And no, I haven’t sworn off dating. I’ve been married to my husband James for eleven years, and this past summer, we welcomed our daughter Mykah into the world. At this point, you’re wondering why you’re even on a date with me at all. Obviously, I’m already spoken for! 

But wait—you’re here (presumably) because you enjoy my writing. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read Scavenger Hunt. I really do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Scavenger Hunt is my love letter to all the mysteries that brought me joy from childhood onwards. I followed a very circuitous route from school to finished novel, but one that I think has made me appreciate being where I am all the more.

A few highlights from the journey: 

  • working at the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee (I can say that, now that the smell is years away), 
  • teaching forensic science to kids in the DC Metro area (and creating elaborate, sometimes too-real looking crime scenes in remote Maryland/Virginia settings), 
  • creating my own Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death (yes, the originals are as cool as they sound), 
  • interning at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, DC and holding pieces of history in my hands, 
  • and finally realizing that I was in the process of starting, then writing, then finishing a novel.

Some lowlights: 

  • collecting samples from a (very large) decomposing body in the trunk of a car in August. In East Tennessee. In August. 
  • burying a skeleton for students to dig up, only to discover ground bees covering the entire area an hour later, 
  • never feeling quite understood as I pursued the things I was passionate about,
  • wondering if my book would every actually be published.

There are a lot more lowlights (and highlights!). I refuse to gloss over difficulties and present myself as instantly successful or act like this journey has been easy in any way.

And there it is. I think maybe I’m right on the border of over-sharing on this, our first author-reader date. Is date a weird word? Let’s call it a conversation instead. Summary: I love writing. It allows me to indulge my loves of learning, research, and endless wonder. I also enjoy singing, playing guitar and drums, sports, and web design. I want all women and girls to be empowered, and that’s even more true now that I’m a mother to a daughter. If you think I might be a good author match for you, that’s exciting news! Right now, I’m working on the next Gumshoe Squad mystery—for you and for all the readers who enjoy a whimsical forensic whodunnit. If you have questions, comments, or coffee shop suggestions, please send me an email at info@rafarlow.com.



Thanks for reading! 

old leather books.jpg